The West-Island

(In French l'Ouest de l'île) is the unofficial name given to the western cities and boroughs of the Island of Montreal  in Quebec Canada. 

The name probably originated from the geo-linguistic division of the island into French and English, with francophones typically inhabiting the eastern portion of the island and anglophones typically inhabiting the western half. The West Island's population is approximately 222,000 and although most of its residents are today bilingual, anglophones still make up the majority of the West Island's population.

The West Island has a multicultural  rivers look with modern buildings and country homes side by side. The region boasts large green spaces bordering rivers and lakes, bike trails, nature parks, museums, cross-country ski trails, ecological farms, golf courses and cultural sites. 

As a testimony to its 300-year-old history, residents and visitors alike will discover fascinating 18th-century buildings. The shores of Lake Saint-Louis offer a unique setting with café-terrasses, restaurants and boutiques  filled with quaint old world charm.

The region is home to the Montreal Pierre Eliott Trudeau International Airport (formerly Montreal-Dorval), John Abbott College , the Macdonald Campus  of McGill University, the Fairview Pointe-Claire  and Galeries des Sources  malls, as well as Montreal's largest park, the Cap Saint-Jacques Nature Park.

Did you know? ................. 

That there are newcomers clubs in the West-Island. 

Beaconsfield has a very active one and if you are new to the area I suggest you join one. It is an excellent way of getting integrated into the community and making new friends.

They meet each second thursday of the month and for more information please visit their website at

And of course we also have the” Welcome Wagon” ladies who will introduce you to the local merchants with gifts and incentives.

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